Vehicle monitoring

Fleet map / GPS location of cars with information on the vehicle status (moving / parking)

The fleet map is the first screen you see after logging into the system. Shows all vehicles added to the fleet. Depending on whether the vehicle is stationary or moving, you are notified by the appropriate marker color. This is how the company car is properly tracked. The vehicle locator will allow you to watch over the route covered by your employee. In addition, the list of vehicles includes cars with the OBD device unfastened. A warning triangle near your vehicle informs you of this, which makes it easier to monitor your cars.

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Visualization and summary of routes with actual mileages

Is the driver on the road? You can view its current location thanks to a modern GPS device! GPS monitoring will keep you updated on where your employee is. With this information, you will know if he is doing his job properly or if he is arranging private matters during business hours. In addition, car monitoring allows you to observe your driving style.

The map refreshes every 2 minutes, showing changes in the position of the vehicle on an ongoing basis. The description of each route covered includes its start and end address, date and time, distance traveled, and driving style indicator. On this basis, we can assess a given employee, reward him for a collision-free driving, but also admonish when we are not satisfied with the results of their work.

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Search engine of cars / drivers

The system allows using the magnifying glass to efficiently move between vehicle and driver cards. Just enter the driver's name, registration number or other information that was previously included in the system in the search field. Therefore, vehicle tracking becomes a simple activity, and properly programmed application additionally simplifies fleet monitoring.

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Route history from 3 months

GPS monitoring is not only a tool that can be operated in real time. The data is saved, which is why we also have access to it after a certain period of time. In this case, the history is recorded up to 3 months back.

Do you want to see the history of your fleet's routes? Or maybe you want to know which driver was on a particular day in a given area? The Reports tab will allow you to download the report to an Excel file in the selected period: 7 or 30 days, maximum 3 months back. In addition to the route report, you'll also find a driving style report, vehicle costs, and a stop report.

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Data on vehicle speeds and exceeding of the speed limits in a given area

What does vehicle monitoring allow for? One glance at the route and you know how much km / h the driver has exceeded the speed limit. Our map takes into account speeding with colors. Green means driving in accordance with the regulations, and the closer to red, the greater the speed limit. GPS monitoring of company cars makes fleet management easier, so you have more control over your employees.

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Notifications on the disconnection and connection of the OBD device

When the driver disconnects the device from the car's diagnostic socket, you will be immediately informed. A pop-up in the system will indicate which vehicle is concerned with the alert. The notification will also contain information on the coordinates and time of disconnecting or reconnecting the OBD device.

All you need is a quick phone call to the driver with a request to connect. The message about reconnecting the device will appear immediately after placing the device in the diagnostic socket.

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