Driving style Available in Poland

The analysis of the driving style of the driver and the entire fleet

Almost everyone is driving the car, also employees are increasingly using company cars. GPS monitoring allows you to track the location of the selected vehicle and improves management of the entire fleet. Drivers' driving style is based on safe and smooth driving indicators. You can preview the driving style of a particular driver or the entire fleet - such monitoring is a very useful tool for many companies.

The system uses the arrows to inform you about the improvement or deterioration of driving style, so you can control your employees. In this way you also receive information on the degree of use of the vehicle. The more rapid braking and acceleration, the greater the car's wear and tear, as well as the cost of its operation. Driving style analysis makes it also easier to make periodic employee assessments, making fleet management easier and more efficient.

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Mobile application for drivers

Drivers also have access to statistics via a mobile application. There is a company-wide ranking of the best drivers that motivates employees. Fleet management becomes easier if drivers are properly motivated to improve their driving style. After all, nobody wants to go wrong in front of the whole company.

The application used while driving informs about speeding and rapid acceleration and braking of the vehicle. Driving efficiency analysis is also useful for the drivers themselves because they can track their progress and behavior on the road. With the help of GPS monitoring, drivers can check the routes traveled, taking into account the driving style. Fleet monitoring is a beneficial solution for employers and employees themselves who can track their results on an ongoing basis. Learn more about the NaviExpert Telematics application.

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Vehicle-fleet management services

Driving efficiency depends on many factors, including the number of rapid braking, acceleration or compliant driving. GPS monitoring gives the opportunity to analyze the driving style, taking into account all parameters that affect the driver's behavior and the degree of use of the car. At the same time, fleet monitoring can control the use of a company car for private purposes.

The map shows the driver's route on a specific day. It is marked with colors that correspond to speeding - green means driving in accordance with the rules, and the closer to red, the greater the speeding. On the map you can find the so-called event markers that indicate a place of sharp acceleration or breaking. This fleet monitoring allows you to analyze your driving style as well as when you leave the vehicle. Get to know our map better.

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Gamification - the ability to use driver rankings for company competitions

Nothing motivates employees like a contest with attractive prizes! Gamification involves transferring the rules known from computer games to the incentive system in your company. NaviExpert Telematics will help you organize a competition. The ranking is visible in the mobile application, which is a great variety. Every driver will have an insight into the analysis of their driving efficiency. In turn, employers will be able to reward the best drivers and motivate the weaker ones.

Just remember to clearly define the rules and not change them during the competition! Read how to implement gamification in your fleet.

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Historic driving style data from 12 months

Driving style is not just a number in the table. It's a value that determines how your drivers are doing on the road. GPS monitoring will allow you to track progress, but also have insight into the route your employee is taking. A high score indicates knowledge of the rules, self-control at the wheel and the ability to anticipate difficult situations on the road. It also saves fuel and reduces vehicle operation. This is particularly important in companies that cannot afford to change vehicles frequently. So let's know how the driving style of specific drivers has changed over the course of 7, 30 days or the whole year.

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