Fleet management

Driver cards - a tool for managing employees' data

Each driver is assigned a driver card, which contains his basic personal data. In addition, there is information about the assigned car, time and kilometers covered today and the result of the driving style of the last 30 days. All necessary information is in one place, which in turn allows for efficient fleet monitoring.

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Vehicle cards

Similarly to drivers, vehicles also have their own card. It contains all the car data that you can edit from the card level. In addition, in the Events tab you have the option of adding, editing and deleting an upcoming event such as a technical review or tire replacement. No more forgetting to renew your insurance or visiting a mechanic.

Do you have pool cars in your fleet? The vehicle card is the place where you mark which vehicles are assigned to specific drivers and which are included in the jackpot cars. All information at your fingertips with efficient GPS monitoring!

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Time management in accordance with the GDPR

GDPR - an abbreviation well known to all fleets - also to us. The system operates in accordance with the principles set out in the new regulation. You can be sure that you manage employee data in the right way. In addition to specifying the company's business hours, you can confirm that employees agree to monitor a company car in their private time. More about GDPR in the car fleet.

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Fleet costs

Finding an effective way to reduce fleet costs is a nightmare for every fleet. Therefore, in the Fleet costs tab you can check the total fleet costs, kilometers traveled, costs in PLN per kilometer and the impact of driving style on fuel costs. After reviewing these statistics, the conclusions are obvious. You know which parameter needs optimization and where to look for savings.

GPS monitoring is used in many transport companies, where employers care about insight into driver's driving data and related costs. Such vehicle fleet management is a great improvement for employers because they have the ability to quickly obtain information about each ride. Fleet costs are a place where you can also import fuel card data or add an invoice.

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Import of data from the fuel card

If fuel cards are a godsend for your fleet, you'll definitely like importing them in our system. To upload all items from the fuel card, simply click on one button in the Fleet costs tab. What's more, NaviExpert Telematics scans the contents of the file and assigns the appropriate cost from the card to the vehicle based on the registration number. Thanks to this, invoices are tailored to specific vehicles entered into the system. Simple, fast and fun!

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Records of costs based on invoices

Do you like to have order in finances? While in the vehicle card, you have the option of adding an invoice for the services rendered to a specific vehicle. The invoices imported from the fuel card are also located here. In addition to the list at the bottom of the vehicle card, you can also export the cost report to an Excel file - all necessary data will be in one place. Vehicle fleet management, i.e. GPS monitoring and other activities and processes included in fleet monitoring are a great improvement for companies that specialize in transport.

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Calendar of events with notifications

The calendar is really an extensive organizer. You can set there reminders about inspections, services, insurance and other, in relation to a specific vehicle. From now on, you do not need to search a ton of documents to find information about the review date. All at a glance Our calendar will facilitate the organization of work for many entrepreneurs, which is why it is worth taking advantage of the benefits of modern technologies. The option of sending a reminder to an email address is a convenience that guarantees that you will not forget about any of the events created. In addition, all events assigned to a specific car will automatically appear in its vehicle card.

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Assigning drivers to departments

Do you want to know what driving style each department has in your company? When creating a profile for a new driver or being in an existing one, click the edit option and add the department to which it belongs. Being on the list of drivers, you can use the filter to check how things are with specific departments.

In addition to the driving style, the assignment to departments is also included in the route report, which you can export to an Excel file.

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Reports and export of data to Excel files

Do you want to check how your drivers drove in a given period of time? Go to the Reports tab, where you will find 4 types of reports that can be downloaded in an Excel file. There is a report on driving style, costs, routes traveled and a stop report. Don't forget to choose a period of 7 or 30 days, maximum 3 months back. The reports generated will allow external presentation of data collected by the system, which is a great help for companies, especially if we invest in good quality GPS monitoring and fleet management.

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